I've directed and starred in many projects. Scroll down for my latest.

- Recent Projects-

How to Use Your Kitchen: PSA

This PSA was a project for my film class, produced in 2020. For those unaware, this video is designed to educate the audience on how to use a modern kitchen.

Out of the Crows Nest

Coming soon, this short film follows William's life as he finally starts to make his break on TV. Through it all, he struggles to maintain a balance between what he wants for his life, including whether or not he wants to marry his fiance, and what is being pushed upon him by others around him.

Out of the Crows Nest is another student-produced short film produced at my previous school. The main character is played by me, and other characters are played by various other film students at my school.

Physics is Everywhere

In 2018, I co-directed Quantum Physics: A 'Physics is Everywhere' Project. "Physics is Everywhere" is a school project that allows students to explain a concept that has to do with physics. In this video, my partner and I outline the basics of Quantum Mechanics and how they work.

Quantum Physics - Leo & Spencer FINAL (Drive full res).mp4
Slumber Party Ad Final.mp4

Campaign Simulation Ad

This campaign ad for the Slumber Party was part of a simulated election in my English class in 2019. Our candidate, Amanda, pushed her campaign for more sleep for our school's students. This advertisement was a part of our campaign. Our campaign team scripted and filmed the video, and I finished off by editing.

- Other Projects -

The Woods.mp4

The Woods

Produced in 2018, The Woods was my previous school's first ever student-produced short film. In this film, I was working behind the scenes on the audio.

Kao Advisory Staff Interview.mp4

Advisory Staff Interview Project

In 2017, my school promoted a program that asked each Teacher Advisory group to interview a staff member at our school. My advisory got to interview a woman who works as a lunch server and bus monitor. For this project, I was responsible for the video itself: filming and editing.